Traffic rules and road signs

Types of traffic lights

Never fail to stop when a traffic lights is red.

In Hokkaido there are no roads or junctions where you "filter" left when the traffic lights in front of you are red. When the traffic light turns red, not only cars going straight but also left-turning cars have to stop. Wait until the traffic light becomes green.

traffic lights

Obey arrow traffic lights.

When the traffic light is red, all cars must in principle stop. However, where there are arrow traffic lights provided below or at the side of the traffic lights, you may turn in the direction the arrow points when it is green. Right-turn arrow traffic lights are the most prevalent. When a right-turning arrow is shown, turn quickly while paying full attention to oncoming vehicles. Many intersections where this type of traffic light is provided have right-turn-only lanes.

Bring your car to a complete stop at stop signs and
in front of train crossings!

Bring your car to a complete stop to safety check left and right

In Japan, it is a strictly enforced rule that you must bring your car to a stop at stop signs, and halfway stops are not permitted. A "stop" means that a car completely stops and the driver looks left and right. In addition, since V-shaped signs are peculiar to Japan, remember what they mean. Usually, no "Stop" signs are located on roads which cross other roads with V-shaped signs. In other words, cars are traveling at high speeds on the road you need to cross. In the event of an accident, full responsibility is apportioned to the driver who did not stop their car. Pay full attention and make sure you stop the car completely.

Completely stop a car in front of train crossings!

Drivers must completely stop their car in front of train crossings to confirm that no trains are coming from left and right and the car can move forward safely. If the traffic over the train crossings is backed up, the car will not able to move over the crossing for a long time.